Will I be the only newbie who doesn’t know what I’m doing?

How will you know if you never try? It’s normal to get the jitters when attempting something out of your comfort zone, but odds are you will find that fitness classes are definitely worth the risk!

I won’t be able to keep up

While many students feel that they will be lost, confused, or not up to par in a fitness class, many are designed to be “user-friendly” and include skills that can be mastered over time. A majority of classes are a mix of newbies and those that have participated before.

I’ve been working out for a while, will I find your classes too easy?

No one’s ever told us class was too easy!! We look for ways to push you to be your best each and every workout. Whether you’ve been working out for years or your brand new, we promise you a great workout!

Are your classes drop-in or do I need to register?

Our group fitness classes are considered drop-in, first come first serve. There is a max attendance for each class and the instructor will let you know when you arrive if there is still room available. It is advisable to arrive 5-8 mins before the class starts to guarantee a spot.

What do I need to bring to my class?

Dress in comfortable work out clothing (no street clothes), pair of running shoes and a waterbottle. It is also recommended to bring a small towel to place over equipment or mats. For Yoga classes you can bring your own mat but we also have some available for use.

Please do not bring your all your belongings to class. Lockers are available in each change room to store your items. Locks may be purchased in the main Athletics office - A116.

Are there are any special etiquette guidelines I should follow?

Our group fitness classes are meant to be social and a lot of fun. To ensure this is the case for all, we do have a few guidelines for participants.

  • Please give yourself a break from your phone/iPod during class and do not listen to your own music or answer phone calls or texts during class.
  • Limit talking to others while class is in session - though cheering or singing along is encouraged!
  • To keep our studios and equipment clean and tidy, please wipe down your equipment and put it away properly after class.
  • Please follow the workout the instructor is doing, versus doing your own workout in class. It can be distracting or confusing for other members. But please always feel comfortable modifying an exercise or substituting another exercise if necessary. Your instructor is happy to show you modifications for injuries, etc.
  • Please arrive on time. This helps the instructor modify the class if there is a higher or lower number of attendees
  • Group fitness is an amazing way to get in shape, make friends and have fun. If you're not having a great time, please let your instructor know! Feedback is always welcome.

Why are you still reading this? Let's get fit together!

Come join a class: