Students writing with Testing Services must follow the rules of the Centres to uphold academic integrity in the testing environment.


COVID-19 Protocols

Students that are feeling sick, ill or exhibiting any symptoms in relation to COVID-19 are not to come into Testing Services or on campus and to connect with their instructor regarding next steps for their scheduled test/exam.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 less than 14 days after visiting Testing Services for your assessment, you are to report this information to our COVID Reporting Team by email at or by phone at 416-675-5007. This will allow us to communicate with other test takers and comply with government recommendations. 

A face mask or covering must be worn prior to entering Testing Services, in our reception area and in any of our testing labs. If a student requires the use of a private room, they are allowed to remove their face mask/covering once they have safely entered the room and closed the door behind them.

Students are required to sanitize their hands prior to approaching Testing Services staff for assistance. Hand sanitizer is available on site. Alternatively, students can also go to the nearest washroom to clean their hands.


Writing an assessment

Students writing in the Test Centre will be required to show photo ID in order to write an assessment (英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 Student Card, Guelph 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 Student Card, or Government issued ID is acceptable).

Students will need to supply their instructor’s surname (please note: this does not apply to students writing admissions or external testing).

Students must book an appointment before coming into Testing Services. If you don’t have a scheduled appointment, you will not be permitted to write at Testing Services as we cannot accommodate walk-ins.

Students should arrive about 15 minutes before their test/exam time.

Students are required to only bring the tools and items that they need to complete testing as Testing Services staff will not be able to provide you with these.

The invigilator will assign a seat where the student will sit to write their assessment.

Students who arrive late to their test may not be compensated for missed time. If you arrive too close to our closing time you may not receive the full allotted time for your test.

Students are expected to comply with instructions given to them by the Testing Services invigilator or staff prior, during, and after testing while in the Centre. Only authorized materials will be permitted at student work station (as outlined on the test/exam referral form), all other items will be stored in storage bins outside of the testing lab (please note: we recommend students leave valuables at home or in their locker, as Testing Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items).  Students are permitted to bring some valuables into the testing room, but they must be placed in one of our plastic zip lock bags and stored under the desk. 

Electronic devices of any kind will not be permitted on the student’s workstation. Cell phones, all watches, iPods and other devices will be required to be turned off, and stored in a clear plastic zip lock bag and stored under the desk for the duration of the test. 

If a student is found in possession or accessing any unauthorized materials, devices, or participate in unauthorized behavior during their exam their test/exam will end and an incident report will be created and sent to the instructor for academic integrity violation review.  

During a test/exam, students can only communicate with Testing Services staff.  The staff cannot give any guidance or answer questions regarding test/exam content.

Children are not allowed in the Test Centre and cannot be left unattended while any student is writing.

In case of emergency (fire alarm, lockdown), students are to follow the instructions of the Testing Services staff.

Testing Services will not administer tests/exams that are passed their write date/time.

Students are not permitted to wear ponchos, neck scarves or jackets into the testing room, you will be asked to leave these in your bag or in the storage bins provided.