Do you have unachieved wellness goals but are feeling overwhelmed with where to start?  A Peer Wellness Coach can help! Peer Wellness Coaching services will resume in Winter 2023. Sign-up here to get notified when registration opens!

Work 1-1 with your Peer Wellness Coach to:  

  • Build a tailored wellness vision and plan; 
  • Keep on track with follow-up sessions to review your progress and set new goals. 

This is a free service offered through the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre and is available to both 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 and Guelph-英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 students.

Example topics that you might want to discuss with your Peer Wellness Coach:  

Sleep Hygiene  

Stress Management  

Building Resiliency 

Financial Wellness   

Positive Social Relationships  

Work – School – Life Balance  

Forming Healthy Habits

Happiness and Gratitude

Community Belonging

Exercise & Nutrition

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