A smiling group of people stand together holding certificates with 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 written on them.

Another edition of 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 College’s Global Summer School (GSS) has come to an end and participating students and faculty are sad to be saying goodbye.

The GSS brings in students from around the world through the college’s global academic partner network and they take courses alongside participating 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 students.

“英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 College is building an international profile as a leader in global education and is doing so by deepening our international partnerships,” said Vera Beletzan, associate vice -president, Teaching and Learning, 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱. “Initiatives such as the Global Summer School help that by bringing international students and faculty to our college to learn together.”

This year’s program had more than 150 students. About 100 of the participants were from countries overseas including Indonesia, Ireland, Denmark and Taiwan and the number of international students this year was double what they had in 2019.

The students, who can be from any academic program at 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 or abroad, earn an elective credit in three weeks. The courses offer in-person instruction at the Lakeshore and North campuses plus guest speakers, industry visits, experiential projects and more.

Iadi Li was one of more than a dozen students from Germany who took part in this year’s program that ran July 2 to 23. Li enrolled in the Intercultural Communications course and found it illuminating.  

“I didn’t realize I would learn this much from it,” said Li about the course that had students evaluating their own cultures, values, beliefs, and biases to grow their understanding of cultural differences while learning conflict management techniques and strategies to help them excel in the globalized business world.

Li said the coursework involved a great deal of problem solving but also listening to other people’s experiences, which in turn helped introduce her to new ways of thinking.

The social aspect was also a large part of the program for the students. It’s been running since 2019 but was presented virtually in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the closing barbecue, the students danced, chatted, and took pictures with each other. Outside of the classroom, they had a chance to experience the region by attending a Toronto Blue Jays game, a day at Canada’s Wonderland, and they also took a trip to Niagara Falls, among other activities.

Several people wearing rain jackets pose for a photo with Niagara Falls in the background.

Some, including Sandra Grzesek, said they made friends they couldn’t wait to see again.

Grzesek, who’s from Poland and studies marketing management at Dania Academy in Denmark, has a trip planned to Germany later this year and decided to change her destination to meet up with friends from the GSS.

“It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve made so many new friends here,” said Grzesek.  

Participants in 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱’s Global Summer School pose for a photo at Canada’s Wonderland with the tracks for a rollercoaster in the

Claus Grand Bang is an associate professor with Dania Academy who came to co-teach the Social Media course as part of the GSS with 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 faculty. It was his first time participating in the program and visiting Canada.

He was impressed with how quickly the students bonded and felt that many GSS participants developed a network of peers from around the world, which would be a benefit in their future careers.  

“Having a network of people on the same career track as you is invaluable and they can be ahead of the curve with a global network,” he said.

The GSS brings all six academic faculties together and enhances 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱’s strategic pillars to foster career-ready citizens and provide accessible education while allowing students greater choice and flexibility in their learning.

For more information, visit the 英雄联盟竞猜线上入口靠谱 Global Summer School website .