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First Name: Celene
Last Name: Tang
Program of Study: Photography
Submission Category: Other
Title of Artwork: Reconnection by Connection
Art Description: Growing up in the digital age, a lot of the images I take will never see a physical form. It will only ever be a bunch of zeros and ones. It doesn't matter if the image is shot on a phone camera or a professional one. But art, to me, is a thing that strives most in physical form. I feel that it leaves the most impact this way. Think about how going to an art gallery in person is better than going on a virtual tour of one.

So in this series of images, I take my digital image, print it, and give it a place in the world in which it exists. I combined it with another physical element such as ink to see the physical version of my image come to interact with other things in the real world.

Even when the ink runs down the page with no effect on the image, that physical sensation of the ink slowly rolling off the image is a form of interaction that we shouldn't ignore.

Seeing the ink have very different reactions to the ink and paper beneath it is what gives the physical world a lot of mystery to it. It is the same ink, the same paper yet each time, there are different results. Different places where the ink splatters, where the ink flows...

Even the act of taking an image of a naturally occurring, physical thing and translating that to digital then back again into a physical form is the process of photography. But in a way, you are converting the essence of a person or thing into a physical form of a photograph, not the physical thing itself.
Size of Artwork in inches: 14x6
Mediums used to create artwork: Digital Photography, Pen/Ink, Other
Original Piece or a Reproduction: Original Piece
Year Artwork Created: 2022
Campus: North Campus
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